About Me

My name is David Charles Fox, but you can call me Dave.  I've been painting and drawing since I was a toddler.

I spend a lot of my youth drawing, and got more into painting in university, and have been doing both ever since.  I'm 45 now.

I've had my good days...

And bad days...

On this website, I've decided to focus on "Mixtile" style wall installation art, using the Mixtiles website to fulfill orders.  I also sell my originals on here, which come in a variety of sizes and mediums.

My art is very wacky, weird, and kind of random, so it seems to match the mixtile aesthetic. 

I tend to think that if you put my art side by side in this way, it looks very engaging and has a certain aesthetic quality.

If you want to get in touch with me, my number is 519 208 8680 and my email is davetimberwolf@gmail.com.

Otherwise, you can use this website to place orders on my work, and it should be shipped to you in a timely fashion.


Here are some various news articles that came out featuring my art and music from over the years.

2000 News Article

David Charles Fox News Article 2000

2002 Approachables band review (I'm in this band, wrote most of the songs)

Approachables band review

2006 Outdoor Mural

david charles fox outdoor mural

2006 Yim Tin Tam Live At The Circus Room

yim tin tam live at the circus room kitchener ontario

2007 Art Class Brochure

david charles fox art class brochure

2008 CD Review (I did the album cover and co-wrote / recorded / produced all of the music)

Yim Tin Tam Review 2008

2008 CD Review (I did the album cover and co-wrote / recorded / produced all of the music)

childebeast cd review

December 31st, 2011 News Article

david charles fox art

 Many Faces of Cambridge 2011

many faces of cambridge 







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